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Understanding Garage Door Springs

The springs on your garage door are pivotal for balancing and supporting the weight as it opens and closes. There are two main types of springs used: torsion springs, which are mounted above the garage door opening, and extension springs, which run alongside the overhead tracks on each side. Both types can wear out over time due to constant tension and require professional attention when they do.

The Importance Of Professional Repairs

Tackling a broken spring repair yourself may seem like an economical choice; however, it poses significant risks without proper training and tools. Our professionals at Jayson Garage Door Company have both expertise and specialized equipment needed for safe removal and installation processes—guaranteeing not just immediate fixes but long-term reliability too. Learn more about our comprehensive services by visiting our official website (Jayson Garage Door Co).In addition to providing top-notch service quality, we pride ourselves on offering advice on maintenance practices post-repair—to keep your Daly City home’s garage doors functioning smoothly for years down the line. With us handling all aspects related to Broken Spring Repairs among other services, you’re assured peace-of-mind along with enhanced safety & convenience levels!



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